Are you fortunate enough to be in good health without much maintenance? And at what level are you maintaining your health? What we can all agree upon is that without good health our lives will be hugely impacted. We will look at some important reasons why maintaining health should matter to you.

Money Wise

mental healthIt costs a lot more money to be unhealthy than it costs to be healthy.

Medical Bills: The first expense we see piling up is medical bills. Some medical plans have hefty co-pays, while other only pay a percentage of the bills. Then add to this the cost of prescriptions and specialists, and you have even more expenses due to poor health.

Time Off From Work: If you’re fortunate enough to have a job that has sick time as a benefit, then you do have a buffer for lost work time. But what happens when that’s used up? Your health and income are woven together by your need to work, and maintaining your health is a very important factor in producing income.

Quality of Life

psychological disordersBesides all the financial reasons for maintaining your health, we need to emphasize the quality of life. Enjoying the things you like to do generally involves some sort of activity. Even something as simple as reading a book can become difficult if you’re in pain.

Living Without Pain: The quality of health usually teeters on whether a person is in pain or not. Pain draws energy from the body and this can make daily living quite miserable. So part of maintaining health has to do with doing things that eliminate pain.

Looking Forward: When you’re younger your body can overcome many health issues. You can eat fast foods, you can function on limited sleep, you can do a lot of these things and still maintain some level of decent health. But how will this catch up to you later on in life? If you don’t start maintaining your health at some point, your body will start to show the effects of those earlier abuses. This can show up in the form of high blood pressure, arthritis, high cholesterol, limited mobility, and a whole host of other ailments.

We have touched on some of the reasons why maintaining health matters to you, we’re sure many of you have your own personal reason for maintaining good health. And don’t forget: Good health is not only of a physical nature, there’s also the mental side of health. We’re not talking about the insanity side, we’re speaking of attitude, outlook.

Aim and Focus

The purpose of Fergus Falls Medical Group Online is to share quality information on all manners of health related topics, but particularly we focus on mental health issues such as schizophrenia, substance abuse, bipolar disorder, and more.  However, we also understand the importance of a strong physique, flexibility,  cardiovascular fitness, as well as an absence of psychological disorders.  Please continue to read as we add more information regarding health and fitness.  Look through the categories on the right side to find the information that is relevant to your needs.  Thank you for visiting.

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